Tuesday, March 16, 2004


I receive daily Mountain Wings posts in my email, and sometimes they are very good. I thought I'd share this one today.


A recent prayer request was the shortest prayer request that I can remember reading.

It consisted of one word.


That was it. That was the entire prayer request.

I knew what they were asking, but I wonder if they knew.

The dictionary has two definitions for "windfall."
#1. A sudden, unexpected piece of good fortune or personal gain.
#2. Something, such as a ripened fruit, that has been blown down by the wind.

I am sure they "meant" definition number one, but the exact request could apply to either definition. They didn't specify.

I have learned my greatest lessons, gained my greatest wisdom and insight, had my horizons broadened the most, not by
definition number one but by definition number two.

When I am flying high with plenty of money and great success, the problem is remaining humble. No matter who you are, success can go to your head. Pride makes you ripe for a fall.

I've seen it in other men, and I've seen in myself.

Sometimes we need to fall to be able to truly rise.

The word spirit in scripture is "pneuma," it means breath or wind. That's why the word for breathing is respiration.

Sometimes we need the wind to make us fall so we won't be so high and mighty. So we understand we are not fully in charge.

What prayer did I pray?

I prayed for God to send the right windfall.

Sometimes the only way that we can realize some things is with a windfall.


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