Monday, April 12, 2004


Last week, I decided to take the Holy Triduum off from blogging in order to better clear my head and focus my heart on Holy Week. It worked somewhat as I made a conscious effort to distance myself from the news, but I made an interesting discovery: try as one might to get away from the news, it is EVERYWHERE. It pervades all of our means of communications and is almost unavoidable.

On Tuesday night after making the decision to stop blogging for awhile, I went to adoration at St. John's for 30 minutes, and then attended "The Passion of the Christ" for my second time with a good friend of mine. We had both seen the movie the day after Ash Wednesday in a very crowded theater, that while silent, still made it a bit less personal. Plus, the first time you see this movie, your senses are overloaded with the action on the screen causing you to overlook the more quiet moments of reflection in the flashbacks. Not so this time. Doug and I were with about 15 other people that night at 9:45pm, and I found that I caught much more of the symbolism the second time around. And while I didn't weep as much, I still wept and affected greatly by the sacrifice Jesus made for us.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, of reflection, of prayer, and of family. Having attended Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter masses, I still can smell the incense on my hands after having helped serve as acolyte at noon on Sunday. May it never fade.


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