Friday, April 23, 2004


I was reading an interesting post about dressing for Mass at a new blog, ReVersion 2.0 (I love the name), and Nicole posted an observation she had made while at Mass concerning a 13-year old's choice of attire. What was best, was this post made by a reader:

Here's how the future pope John XXIII handled the problem:

"The Apple of Roncalli's Eye

Angelo Roncalli, papal nuncio to France (and a future pope), was once invited to a formal banquet. His dinner companion wore an extremely low-cut dress, which the prelate pretended not to notice. When dessert was served, however, he selected a plump apple and duly offered it to the woman, who politely declined. "Please take it, madam," he pleaded. "It was only after Eve ate the apple that she became aware of how little she had on."

I concur. Last Saturday, after acolyting a Mass celebrated by our bishop, I stuck around to help our parish wedding coordinator get some heavy candles up near the altar for the wedding photos that were to begin soon. While standing near the lectern, a young, attractive woman came running up the aisle to get the attention of our coordinator. What caught my attention was the black, low cut and very revealing dress that she bounded towards us in. Suddenly, all I could do was stare at the stained-glass windows at the back of our church and walk away.

Wedding season...sheesh.

This reminds me...I have GOT to get my comments feature working on this blog soon.


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