Friday, June 10, 2005


With the much-anticipated super regionals going on right across the street at Haymarket Park between the hometown Huskers and the U. of Miami, (with the College World Series only a week away just up the road in Omaha) I still find myself sitting here typing wearing my white Red Sox jersey. Why? Because today it's 1918 all over again, baby!!! The Red Sox and Cubs face off today for the first time since the BoSox rolled the Cubbies in the World Series that year. Eighty-seven years is a long time to wait for revenge...

Ok. So the Cubbies took 2 out of 3. Still a long time to wait for revenge, eh? Last night's game was the first in which the Sox looked like last year's team in a long while. Hopefully a change is a-comin'. And Nomar, though injured, received his World Series ring, which had to be bittersweet for him. We miss ya, Nomah.

And the Huskers swept Miami and are heading for their 3rd ever appearance in the College World Series. First up: Arizona State on Friday. In their previous two CWS appearance the Huskers were swept out, going 0 for 2 both years. Look for that to change this year as they have so much more of something missing from those previous teams of 2001 and 2002: Pitching.


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