Monday, April 03, 2006

More on Bishop B's remarks

Bishop Bruskewitz sent a stern rebuke back to the National Review Board last week and it's received a lot of coverage online.

The Curt Jester demonstrates the differences between the Diocese of Lincoln and Cardinal Mahoney in LA, while Gerald says observes that our bishop kicks "backside", Ad Majorem links to the original USCC file on the National Review Board, and Domenico (the editor of Catholic World Report) notes that the bishop pulls no punches. Amy Welborn agrees with the bishop, but thinks he weakened his case with his "silly" and "ridiculous" tones.

One canon lawyer says the bishop is in error, while another says he's not (many others point out that Bishop Bruskewitz was himself a fine Canon lawyer). He also points to an article in The Wanderer that states why the Bishop of Lincoln refused to participate in the much-ballyhooed survey.

Comments, such as these, on the blogs have been overwhelmingly in favor of his actions.

UPDATE: Sparki pointed out a recent interview the bishop did for The Wanderer on this subject.


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