Tuesday, March 23, 2004

The Closed Mind that is on The Left

A few illustrations make this point. First, Dennis Prager writes at Townhall.com today:

...it has become more and more apparent that the most closed-minded people in American and European society today are not the religious but the secular, not the Right but the Left. The majority of even fundamentalist Christians and Orthodox Jews are exposed to far more secular thought and behavior than the secular are exposed to religious thought and behavior. Virtually all religious Christians and Jews study secular subjects, have been taught by secular teachers, read secular books, and watch secular films and secular television. Virtually no secular people have studied religious subjects, been taught by religious teachers, or read religious books, let alone watched religious films or television, neither of which exists in any number.

Meanwhile, in yesterday's "Best of the Web" at OpinionJournal.com reports that:

The AllahPundit blog publishes an e-mail form a New York reader who went out to counterprotest:

Some of the peace marchers tended toward violence and they did not like it one little bit that we crashed their whacked out party. Unfortunately, some in our group were attacked, actually a couple of times. I didn't know that peace marchers would think to "put a bullet in your head," but I guess that's how uninformed I am about peace. . . .

At one point things got really pretty dicey as one of my fellow protest warriors was being choked right there in the middle of the street and the NYPD came in and rescued us! They corralled us into a bull pen sort of place and protected us from the peace marchers . . . Then, they assigned a scooter brigade to guard us while we expressed our right of free speech. My poor sainted husband, who I talked into coming with me was being shoved and screamed at by the ANSWER security squad (brown shirts) and he remarked that we have free speech in the U.S. to which the goon screamed in return "there is no [expletive] free speech." I think this would come as a surprise to the thousands of police officers that were assigned to this march in order for people to exercise their right to assembly and free speech.

While in the police bullpen one of the big wig officers came up to me and said under his breath "I can't say this in public but we love you guys, we wish you would turn out more often." I told him the problem was that we have jobs and therefore our time is somewhat limited.

Both of these make the point that has been becoming increasingly obvious the past several years. David Horowitz has been demonstrating this through his speaking engagements, books, and ads that he has covered at his e-zine FrontPageMag.com. But it's not just Horowitz. Several persons on the right AND the left have been pointing this out more and more ever since Dr. Allan Bloom's 1988 book "The Closing of the American Mind" which I read as a junior in college. I am getting very tired of this double-standard.

And finally...

To witness the pictures NOT shown to you of the "peaceful" protesters, take a look at this site. I'm glad I looked BEFORE I left for my lunch today.


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