Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Dress-Up Jesus?

While I used to be easily offended, I've learned through the years to roll with the punches. But this truly warrants my disgust.

Urban Outfitters of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, are selling a "Dress Up Jesus" doll. You can dress Jesus in different outfits such as a hula skirt, or a devil's outfit. Passing for what has to be in the poorest of tastes I've witnessed in quite some time, the company responded to an irate customer's email this way:

In an e-mail response to Gerry, the company said it doesn't sell the dress-up Jesus to provoke or offend people, but rather sells it to reflect a diversity of opinion among its customer base.

There is a photo slideshow linked to this story, and you can see the various outfits with which you can dress Jesus. Or, for those of you wanting to make a statement, you can hang different signs above his head on the cross. From "Hang In There, Baby!" to "TGIF." WHAT???

Ok. I need to get a grip and head to Old Chicago's for a calzone, a beer, and an Irish drinking song.


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