Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The 'Virtue of Innocence'

From an actual exchange between teacher and student in Toronto:

“How many of you are ‘pro-choice’?” she asked her grade school pupils. Immediately, all hands shot up, except one. “Why are you not ‘pro-choice’?” the teacher queried her lone dissenter. “Because I am ‘pro-life’,” she said, with a confidence that seemed to belie her tender age of seven years. “And why are you ‘pro-life’?” the teacher continued. “Because my Mommy and Daddy are ‘pro-life’,” was the youngster’s firm reply.

But her stern examiner had not yet completed her line of inquiry. “Suppose your parents were morons?” “Then,” said the little girl, and quite emphatically, “I’d be ‘pro-choice.’”

Good for her! A question: Why in the world is this teacher introducing her personal ideology into her classroom instead of the basics of reading, writing and 'rithmatic?

Did the Shepherd of Hermas, in the second century, have any inkling into how prophetic he was when he uttered these words: “Be simple and guileless, and you will be as the children who know not the wickedness that ruins the life of men.”

And the culture war continues...


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