Thursday, March 25, 2004

The Lord's Gym?

I'm not quite sure what to make of this. The owner of the gym makes some good points, but still...I dunno.

Looking for a little worship in your workout? At a Florida gym with plans to become a nationwide chain, you can get fit and get God simultaneously.

At the Lord's Gym (search) in Clermont, Fla., faith is just as important as form, and exercise classes include gospel spinning, "praisercise" and "yo-god," all done to new-agey Christian music.

The gym's Christian theme isn't hard to find in the d├ęcor. According to Men's Fitness, "a wall by the Stairmasters is covered with a floor-to-ceiling mural of 'Daniel in the Lion's Den' ... the steps are each inscribed with a different line from John 3:16 ... and the juice bar sells smoothies with names like 'Land of Milk and Honey,' 'John the Baptist' and 'Joseph's Surprise,' in two sizes -- David and Goliath."


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