Thursday, March 18, 2004

The Terrorist's 1st Big Win

Ann Coulter remains one of my favorite columnists, and in her latest column echoes what I said here just a few days ago...Spain surrendered last Sunday and the terrorists have their first victory.

After a terrorist attack by al-Qaida that left hundreds of their fellow countrymen dead, Spanish voters immediately voted to give the terrorists what they want – a socialist government that opposes America's war on terrorism. Al-Qaida has changed a government.

The New York Times called the Spanish election "an exercise in healthy democracy." And an ATM withdrawal with a gun to your head is a "routine banking transaction." Instead of vowing to fight the people who killed their fellow citizens, the Spanish decided to vote with al-Qaida on the war. A murdering terrorist organization said, "Jump!" and an entire country answered, "How high?"


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