Monday, April 12, 2004


While none of us knows what is in Mr. Kerry's heart as that is between himself and God, the fact that he so publicly thumbs his nose at the church he purports to belong to is quite disturbing. Arguments have been made on several blogs that this is really none of our business and nothing to get bent out of shape about, but because he has been so public about it, I feel it IS something to bring to light.

Democrat John Kerry - a pro-choice Catholic whose abortion views have prompted some Catholic leaders to say they want to bar him from Communion - yesterday received the sacrament during Easter Mass in Boston.

"It was a wonderful service," Kerry said after the Mass was celebrated at Boston's Paulist Center by the Rev. John Ardis, who has said he was "inundated" with calls urging him to refuse to give Communion to Kerry.

Applause and cheers from the congregation accompanied Kerry's departure from the church.

St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke and Nebraska Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz say they'd refuse Communion to Kerry. Boston Archbishop Sean O'Malley has said all pro-choice officials should voluntarily "refrain" from Communion but has refused to comment on Kerry specifically.


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