Monday, April 26, 2004


I saw the footage, and all that was missing was the John Williams music that played whenever Darth Vader was on the screen. I wouldn't know where to begin, so I'll just post the links to others who express themselves better.

"Reproductive freedom" - that's cute. I call it murder.

George Neumayr of The American Spectator has the best of the bunch. Want to see hate?

Sunday's "March for Women's Lives" made maximum usage of euphemism, invoking "choice" whenever marchers meant killing. They, for example, used placards to convey the lament that Barbara Bush hadn't killed her son in the womb. "If Only Barbara Bush Had Choice," read one sign. "Barbara Chose Poorly," read another. Marchers were also disappointed that the Pope's mother hadn't killed him in the womb. "The Pope's Mother Had No Choice," said a sign.

The repulsive heretic Francis Kissling of the sham "Catholics for Free Choice" named the Pope as "the worst enemy of choice." Kissling called the vile event on the national mall a "sacred place," the "place to be, not the churches."

Conor Dugan responds to Ellen Goodman's hysteria.

Newsday runs a surprisingly fair piece, yet still prints the hysteria of some, which is not altogether a bad thing. Take Whoopi, for instance:

Comedian and actress Whoopi Goldberg held a wire hanger as she spoke to the crowd. "This is what life was like before choice," she said, a reference to women who used hangers and other crude instruments to end pregnancies before the courts deemed abortion legal. "We need to stop the attack on women's rights and women's reproduction, not only here but all around the world."

From the Independent Women's Forum, which claims no stance on the issue of abortion:

In a word, I saw the face of pro-choice America. And I hate to sound catty, gals, but, from the 70-year-old Gloria Steinem and the ancient Frances Kissling of Catholics for a Free Choice down to the grim gaggles of tongue-pierced, shaved-headed, Birkenstock-footed coeds, it’s one old, ugly, or old-and-ugly-both face. As The Other Charlotte, who was also on the street this weekend, e-mailed to me: "The most attractive marcher I’ve seen in the ’hood was a pug dog wearing a sign that read, ’Another pug for choice.’" The pro-choice movement is not a youth movement. The few teenage girls in evidence on the streets were in the firm tow of their activist mothers. Scarcely a single one of those hundreds of thousands of marchers was in the slightest danger of getting pregnant.

Terry Mattingly posts his insights. I had no idea that NARAL now has their own "chaplain".

Kathryn Jean Lopez writes of the anger at the march. More and more from the evidence it seems the meeting was less about choice, and more about politics. Specifically, we hate Bush, Bush is a threat (big yawn) and we need to elect Kerry. Typical.

"I wish Barbara Bush had had choice available to her." That was a snippet of an ongoing conversation — and it was characteristic of more than one — overhead last night on an Amtrak train from Washington, D.C., to New York City. The train was filled with March for Women's Lives participants.

And that was characteristic of the whole weekend. At a pre-march rally on Saturday night at the D.C. Armory by RFK Stadium, California congresswoman Maxine Waters told George W. Bush to "go to hell."


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