Monday, May 03, 2004


Gary Heavin, of Curves for Women

A successful Christian business owner has come under attack by feminist extremists for using his profits to support pro-life charities.

Gary Heavin, the owner of a chain of extremely successful health and fitness centres for women, is a born-again Christian who gives 10% of his gross annual income to charities. Heavin is also the author of two books on fitness that take a Christian approach. His wife, Diana produces Christian music. Curves fitness centres cater particularly to middle-aged women who may be intimidated by other more youth-oriented fitness venues.

Curves franchises have surpassed Starbucks in numbers in the United States and are closing on McDonalds with sales that have hit $750 million a year. Heavin chooses to support the pro-life movement and that has elicited a powerful response from some feminist organizations and writers. We get a lot of heat because we're so expressive of our faith, and we encourage our faith,'' Heavin says.


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