Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Several weeks ago I posted an article about Barbara Nicolosi's (Church of the Masses) interview with a reporter from the NY Times. Well, the article finally came out last Sunday, but before it was published she had one more conversation with the reporter.

Why can't reporters just report facts, and stop with the editorializing already? Sheesh.
James: I hope you'll be okay with this. In my article, I referred to you as "a Catholic activist."

Barb: Forgive me, but what the heck is a Catholic activist?

James: (laughing nervously) Well, you know, somebody who is really into organizing Catholic things.

Barb: But, I don't organize Catholic things. I am the executive director of an interdenominational non-profit --

James: Yeah. Yeah...I know...but I had to call you something.

Barb: You could have called me the executive director of an interdenominational non-profit organization.

James: Yeah. Well.....[cough]

I dunno...I think calling me an "activist" makes me sound much more nasty and unbending and menacing, don't you? I think it makes me sound like someone with whom "mainstream Americans" would probably not want to play foosball or something. But, I do think it might be a nice monniker to use on Jesus some day at the gates of heaven:

Me (to Jesus standing at the Gates of Heaven): I think you have to let me in.

(Jesus raises the Divine-resurrected body eyebrow)

Me: I'm one of your activists. The NY Times said so.

Jesus: Cool. Wanna play foosball?


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