Monday, June 13, 2005


Hardly sounds like it. On May 31st I had a post about this doctor and "clinic." Seems he's back at it. Is this really what those in the pro-choice movement are advocating as imperative to the so-called "right" to have an abortion? Is their ideology so intense as to see that this must stop?

And they shriek about the "back-alley" abortions all the time. Who needs an alley when you have Dr. Tiller around?

Late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller has been accused of botching another abortion as he rushed a woman to a local hospital Wednesday morning. This is the fourth time women from Tiller's Kansas abortion business have been taken to a local hospital, and Killer is accused of killing at least two women.

Protesters outside Tiller's Women's Health Care Services abortion facility Wednesday morning saw the abortion practitioner hurry to the Wesley Medical Center at approximately 8:30 AM, still wearing surgical scrubs from the morning's abortions.

Moments earlier, a green suburban exiting the abortion facility carried a woman in the back seat with her head covered with a jacket. The vehicle drove directly to Wesley's emergency room.

"She was slumped down in the back seat, but I saw her head pop up as soon as the vehicle turned the corner," one of the protesters watching the scene said.

Tiller normally takes patients suffering from abortion complications to Wesley and he left the medical center at about 10:20 AM, without the patient who had been brought there.


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