Wednesday, June 01, 2005


In a recent interview Cardinal Archbishop Juan Luis Cipriani spoke out strongly on standing for truth on moral issues, and the sins of ommission. Another line in the sand against the forces of relativism.
“The modern apostle must not be afraid to stand up for what is true and good, even if it means losing a job, coming under attack, and at times offering one’s life,” said the Cardinal.

Cardinal Cipriani was responding specifically to many Latin American’s governments’ attempts to pass laws which are antagonistic to life and the family. Brazil and Buenos Aires are among the Latin American countries that have extended marriage-like rights to same-sex couples.

“Rather than freedom to choose good from evil,” the Cardinal lamented, “freedom is seen as freedom to do what is evil…We see this new current in which everything is relative and nothing is definitive because the ultimate measure is always I, myself, and my personal whims. We are entering what the future Pope Bendict XVI called the dictatorship of relativism.”

Read the entire interview here.


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