Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I am no longer able to post to my blog during the day, so I save up links and articles and such so that I can post during my evenings. I was just getting ready to do so in fact. However, I stepped back and saw that many of the things I was going to post are of a negative or just plain weird nature. One example is of the "parish" St. Joan of Arc in Minnesota. I've blogged on them before, and have a few links showing that they are definitely stretching the boundaries of Catholicism, bordering on heresy, but have had a change of heart. In fact I'm not going to post the links or others that I've collected at least not tonight.

I read recently where blogs were basically broken down into two categories (and I'm going to have to paraphrase). But one category was of the "news and information" type--one that is updated several times a day with links and commentary, etc. That is the kind I'd wanted to be when I began, but the constraints of time, the fact that so many others are doing it in a grand fashion, and the fact it tends at times to let out the worst in me...a sarcastic prideful me...I've decided to begin shifting towards the second category.

The second category is one that is more introspective. A place of ideas, writings, commentary, reflection, creativity, etc. This is the path I'd rather be on. It's one that will not be updated every day, but perhaps 2-5 times per week...more or less depending upon my time and how I'm led by the Holy Ghost.

I've been reading a LOT for the past few weeks in my devotional Divine Intimacy about Charity. And I have recently begun reading some of the works by a woman I had never heard of before, Catherine de Hueck Doherty, who passed away in 1985 and is being considered for canonization as a saint by the Catholic Church. I'll likely post some of her writings, as well as others that I stumble across in future days and weeks. But I'll also be posting some of my own I hope.

Either way I hope you stay with me. There's still a lot we can learn from each other, you and I.


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AH, I found the post you were talking about. Yes.


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