Friday, March 17, 2006

The Wonder that is Katie

This is satire of course, but with CBS seriously considering the inane Ms. Couric for the chair formerly occupied by Dan Rather, I suspect that this isn't far from the type of things we'd see (if we watched CBS, that is) during that time slot. Fortunately, I'm usually watching Pardon The Interruption on ESPN at that time.

Mr. Taheri-azar was recently charged with nine counts of attempted murder after driving his Jeep through a crowd at the University of North Carolina, hitting multiple people. He subsequently told police that he rented a four-wheel drive vehicle for the attack on purpose so that he could "run over things and keep going." He went on to say that his actions represented "an eye for an eye" as he wished to "avenge the deaths or murders (by the American government) in the Muslim world."

The New York Times report of the incident was curiously absent any reference to Taheri-azar's statement regarding his Islamism, not an unimportant factor as it was his stated motivation for the assault.

Is the mainstream media purposely giving a pass to Muslims committing acts of terror? Are they willfully ignorant of the dangers posed by Islamofascism? The following jailhouse interview (that has yet to air) of Mr. Taheri-azar by Katie Couric of The Today Show offers yet another glimpse of the MSM's perspective:

KC: Good afternoon Mr. Taheri-azar.

MT: Were I not shackled I would kill you with my bare hands right now you vapid cur.

KC: What a kidder!

MT: I am most serious.

KC: I do so adore that very dry Middle Eastern sense of humor. Let's begin shall we? I know that you have been wrongly accused of "running people over" with a Ford Explorer and that...

MT: It was a Jeep Grand Cherokee and I am guilty of all charges.

KC: Excuse me?

MT: The vehicle that I rented. It was a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Six-cylinder. 4-wheel drive. Surprisingly smooth ride. Even when caroming through huge piles of human flesh.

KC: There you go again! You almost had me. Anyhow...

MT: I am not joking. I purposely rented an SUV so that I could run over a multitude of infidels while inflicting the maximum possible damage.

KC: Okay. You and I both know that this was a set-up by the Bush administration but I'll play along with your wacky little game. What were you trying to achieve by "running those people over"?

MT: It is not a game. I wanted to punish the American government for harming my Muslim brethren throughout the world. That is why I ran them over... on purpose... with that Jeep.

KC: I see. So you are saying that the evil, blood-thirsty SUV went out of control and lunged towards the crowd of students?

MT: No. Listen carefully now. I rented the vehicle with the express purpose of harming or killing as many Americans as possible. I knew what I was doing. I planned this out. I even neglected to take the extra insurance coverage although I knew that there would be extreme damage to the vehicle. 

KC: Wow. Bush really has done a a number on you hasn't he? Is there a message that you would like to give to the American people before we wrap up today?

MT: Convert to Islam or die.

KC: Hey, that is catchy. Sort of like Puffy's "Vote Or Die" campaign, huh? Which, by the way, was wildly successful in no small part because of the segments I did. So are you thinking a massive media blitz to get it started? If it was me, I'd get MTV involved. They'd back this in a heartbeat.

MT: I am telling you. Unless every infidel in America and the rest of the world renounces their religion and accepts Allah as their God then they will suffer untold cruelties before they are eliminated from this earth. By eliminated I mean "killed". It is as the Koran says.

KC: Or maybe an Internet campaign. You know, a grassroots movement. I bet President Gore would help you with that. What with all of his expertise in that area.

MT: Are you hearing me?

KC: Wow. Fascinating. Thanks again to Mr. Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar for joining us. If you would like to contribute to the Mainstream Media For Mohammed Defense Fund, please send your donations to the address on the screen.

MT: Arrrggghhh!!!!

        End of transcript. 


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