Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Remembering days gone by

I'm heading to KC on June 23 to play in Rob's Memorial Golf tourney again this year. I made it the first year but the last two years we have been on vacation during the same weekend. So this year I'm heading down by myself to meet up with some of the good friends of my past to help the wife and the children of one of my best friends...Rob. I'll probably drive back on Saturday night of the 24th instead of staying for two nights as Sunday is Little League Day at the Lincoln Saltdogs game and I promised I'd take a big bunch of kids. The 23rd is Rob's parent's 40th anniversary and they are throwing a shindig for everyone who makes it. They are fantastic people who were "adoptive" parents of so many of us in college and beyond.

If you look through the site you'll see two pics of me from that first golf outing. I'm in the huge group picture at the golf course in the front row, and I'm pictured in one of the auction group photos. I am the one that took the pics of the gang at the bar afterwards so I'm not in those. You'll also see one of me from Homecoming 1989...after a night of too many beers and too little sleep....hehehe.

I miss Rob. Four years ago this summer....still hard to believe. That was a 48 hour period that saw the loss of Rob, and of our unborn son. I just reread his widow's letter to him on this website and it still affects me deeply. Cindy is/was a good friend of ours too, and from the moment they started dating, you knew it was something special. Even when they fought (like cats and dogs), you knew it was no biggie. Tyler is the same age as my oldest son Nolan, 10, and little Emily will be 4 soon. She was just two weeks old when her daddy was killed...and judging from the photos, both of them still very much have Rob's eyes, and I'm sure much more, alive inside of them.


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