Saturday, August 05, 2006

Moments of Grace

Two weeks ago I attended a daily Mass over my lunch hour at St. Mary's downtown. While I have it blocked out in my Outlook schedule at the office each day, my goal was to attend at least three times per week. I've failed miserably at that and rarely attend twice per month it seems. It didn't used to be this way, but I've spent more time running from Him and avoiding Him than I have spent seeking Him out. Whether it be in my prayer life, work, family, or issues of character, I have proverbially pulled over on the side of a lonely highway and kicked Jesus right out of my car while speeding into the horizon towards oblivion.

After this particular Mass I had the opportunity to spend about ten minutes speaking with Doug Barry of RADIX. Doug was attending Mass with one of his daughters and we got to talking about some CD recordings of his that I had purchased during his performance of The Passion at my home parish on Palm Sunday last April. He was in town doing some studio work, recording a new series of talks, one of which will be on modestly. I love Doug and Eric, and boy when you stand before someone on fire for the Lord and His work, and someone on the frontlines day after day as they are, you at once feel very small and yet very inspired as well.

We parted with Doug telling me he'd send me a preliminary copy of the CD when it was finished, and that I should spread the word after I listen to it. Stay tuned.

On this particular day I had made a U-turn and doubled back in order to go to confession. I went with a contrite heart and a desire to make things right again. Two weeks later and I have once more failed. "We fall down, we get up" I believe is the way I've heard it expressed before. And so I once more will begin, grateful that I even get the second chance...or the third...or the fourth...fifth...twentieth...


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