Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A hypocrite looks in the mirror

An actual conversation late yesterday afternoon:

Me: I know you're a huge Husker fan T, but I'd had enough by the 3rd quarter and shut off the game. I was so ticked off.

T: Me too. I can't believe the way they played against Oklahoma State...and another thing...

(5 minutes of mindless trashing of coaches and staff by two "fans" who obviously think they know a thing or two about coaching major college football)

Me: I'm not even going to watch the Missouri game on ABC this Saturday. I vowed to ignore the rest of the season and enjoy other things during my weekends.

T: So have I! In fact I'm selling my tickets to the NU/Missouri game and not going because I'm so disgusted.

<sounds of birds chirping…autumn wind blowing through the leaves...somewhere a happy child is laughing>

Me: Sooooooooooooooo.....how much you asking for those tickets?


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