Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Lincoln Diocese article

On Saturday I opened my city newspaper to Section C (Values Section) when what did appear? A photo of our bishop along with a large headline: Lincoln Diocese attracts conservative Catholics. I braced myself for the usual hit-and-run type of article that our paper runs that consists normally of the following template: 2-3 paragraphs of lukewarm description followed by paragraphs of quotes from the usual 2-3 heretical "Catholics" the LJS reporters keep in their rolodex: Call To Action, Voice of the Faithful, etc., etc.

That group must have been on vacation last week, because I was pleasantly surprised with the mostly positive article that followed. They did get a quote in from the president of Call To Action-Nebraska, but it was nonsensical and whiney. The other dissenters spoke of "feelings" and "voice of the liberal Catholic." What IS the voice of a "liberal" Catholic, or a "conservative" one for that matter? The labeling of all things in that manner is ideologically lazy and quite frankly arrogant. Isn't it the height of hubris to see God through the prism of American politics? I grew up Protestant and one of the things that attracted me to the Catholic faith was that there was ONE faith...or appeared to be. Not until I became a Catholic did I notice that the disease that's tearing apart Protestants (and America for that matter) has infected the Catholic Church, especially the American Catholic Church.

In the photo that accompanies the article there is a young red-haired man following to the right of Bishop Bruskewitz. He is a parishioner at St. Johns, and a former "Godteen" of ours who met in our home every Wednesday during his time in high school. Craig is in his 3rd year of minor seminary at St. Gregory the Great and after this year will finish up his seminary studies for a few years on the east coast. He is wonderful young man whom we were blessed to know since he was fourteen, and he is but one example of the many young priests we are blessed with here in southern Nebraska. 


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