Friday, March 26, 2004


I spent all night last night awake and not able to sleep due to the shakes and chills that hit me around 8pm Thursday night. Therefore I did not go to work today, nor was I able to prop myself up long enough at my desk to do any blogging. My apologies. But a 7 day run of shakes, fever and aches began much in the same way last November, and I didn't want to take that chance again. Hence, a day of rest. I also took the opportunity to sit on my couch under my blanket and watch my recently purchased DVD "The Ten Commandments", which I had never before seen. It was remarkable, and perhaps when I'm less dizzy sitting at my keyboard I'll have some thoughts on it.

I am also trying to find the time to enable a comments function that will enable readers to comment on each posting. A nice interactive feature that I hope to have in place soon.

So off to bed I go. But not before saying a rosary for our friends John and Ellen who are one of the couples leading an Engaged Encounter retreat this weekend at Our Lady of Good Counsel retreat center. Janell and I are the prayer couple for John and Ellen, who are pros at leading these weekends. We will be giving our first weekend in November, and are currently writing our talks.

Meanwhile...before I go...


A bit of levity...

The makers of "Life of Brian" have just decided to re-release the film in the theaters next month. They're betting that at least some of the 45 million or so of us who have seen the deadly serious "The Passion of the Christ" might be ready for a little religious satire on the big screen.


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