Tuesday, April 27, 2004


St. Peter Armengol was born in Catalonia, Spain around the year
1238. During his youth, he ran off and joined a group of bandits
leading a life of poor morals. This lifestyle did not last for Peter, one
day when the group was preparing to ambush a group of travelers
Peter recognized his father in the group, went to him, and begged

Peter's reconciliation with his father poured out into his whole life and
began to convert his soul. After a time of discernment, Peter decided
that the best thing for him to do was to enter a monastic community.
Peter joined the Order of Mercedarians who were devoted to the
redemption of captives. Peter applied his whole being to the works of
the order and made many personal and physical sacrifices to
promote the mission of the order.

St. Peter is considered a martyr for the faith because of the sacrifice
he made in working to fulfill his duties. Once when the Order could
not raise money to ransom a group of children, Peter offered himself
in exchange for them. Peter was hanged and left to die. When his
body was found and taken down, he was found to be still alive. For
the rest of his life Peter took a less active role in the community and
died in the year 1304 as a result of the torture and wounds he
received for sacrificing himself in place of the children.


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