Tuesday, April 13, 2004


I found this online today, posted by a new convert to Catholicism. I post it NOT to slam Methodists (as I used to be one myself), nor to puff us up with pride as Catholics, but as a reminder of what we have in our faith, and to perhaps coax us to gently offer that up to others around us who are seeking what this person found. To answer the call to "Go forth and make disciples."

In addition, another blog, this one anonymous, written by a new convert is All Things Made New. Worth checking out.

I come to the Catholic Church ready to accept the Catechism. I am beyond any rebellious stage in my life and have seen, first hand, the way the Methodist Church bends to breaking under the modern wind while Catholicism seems only to sway. I come ready to pray to the Catholic Saints for intercession, I come ready to learn from their lives because Methodism has no such backdrop to learn from or to use as examples in how to live. Methodism came from Catholicism and the Methodist Church has thrown away 1500 years of living history. I come ready to stand up, politically and personally, for the teachings of the Church. What is my alternative?


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