Thursday, April 29, 2004


George Neumayr of The American Spectator writes further of the cold meanness that exists within the leaders of the pro-abort camp. Just a small sampling of it follows. I recommend it be read in its entirety.

On Fox's Hannity and Colmes this week, Sean Hannity asked Patricia Ireland, former head of the National Organization for Women, about the placards reported in "Among the Pagan Ladies" on Monday. Hannity: "They were holding up signs, 'If only Barbara Bush had a choice.' 'Barbara chose poorly,' was another one. 'The Pope's mother had no choice.'"

Ireland didn't apologize for the placards. She just rationalized them: "You do understand, Sean, that that was a small minority of signs."

Hannity: "Well, why aren't you condemning it?"

Ireland: "There is a deep anger."

There you have it. Anything goes with this group because "there is a deep anger." I have a question for this ilk however. What about MY deep anger? What about our sides anger, dismay and sadness over their callous and completely inhumane attitude towards ending a life? To use the language of the liberal: Don't our feelings count? Or just theirs?

What about the unborn's feelings?


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