Friday, May 20, 2005


I have been gone for one year. Much has happened. Much has changed.

And my first post in coming back is about this? Well...yes. In his
review of the latest Exorcist movie, John Miller asks a question that I just could not pass up. The last year for me has been full of trials as I've gone through my own spiritual hell. There were times I did NOT want to look up. Because when you do ashamedly do so, you do get a great view of God.

The Exorcist — the original — is full of Deep Thoughts. There's an awful lot going in that film, and a lot to think about afterward: the power of faith, the nature of evil, and the question of why a benevolent God would permit the demonic possession of an innocent girl. The same can't be said for Dominion, though it does include one line I still can't get out of my head: "Sometimes I think the best view of God is from hell." If I were a theology Ph.D. student, I'd walk into my next seminar of undergrads, repeat the line, and say, "Discuss."


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