Monday, May 23, 2005


I originally posted the following on May 31, 2002. Our cenacle has decided to go to the Newman Center on Thursday for a Holy Hour to pray for the newly ordained, and when I found this old post of mine from my Confirmand blog, it seemed relevant once again. Indeed it never ceased to be relevant.
I've simply got to get this in before I head to bed. Two nights ago at our regular Tuesday night Cenacle (which I thought particularly Spirit-filled) we read and meditated on Mary's message of May 28, 1976. I quote:

This is the hour of error, which is succeeding in entering everywhere and especially in seducing many of my priest-sons. Do not be astonished if you see fall those who, still only yesterday, seemed the most faithful and most secure. You will see fall even those who set themselves up as teachers as others. Do not be surprised if, in this battle, those fall who did not want or did not know how to use the weapon that I myself gave you: my prayer, the simple and humble prayer of the holy rosary. It is a simple and humble prayer, and therefore it is most efficacious in combating Satan who today is leading you astray especially by ostentation and pride. (100d)

1976! I many are watching events unfold in this world, viewing them in the eyes and from the point of view of this world, and fretting? Or, are they full of pride and thinking that'll somehow it'll all work out because it always does?

I wonder. But those of us watching events that truly are important, are hopefully doing what Mary commanded in the line previous to the passage I just quoted. She said simply: You must pray for them. (100c)

We must pray...let us pray...the most holy rosary.


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