Saturday, May 21, 2005


Aside from the fact that a) it's amazingly difficult to flush an entire book down the commode; and b) the false indignation is such a blatant offensive thing that I don't even know where to begin. I'm not going to revisit the entire Newsweek fiasco, except as to say where are these defenders of books of faith whenever the bible is desecrated? Brent Bozell gives a hint as to the why behind that question in chronicling offenses committed againt the Eucharist.
The riots caused by Newsweek's story claiming American interrogators were flushing the Koran caused many Americans to be amazed by the extreme reaction in the Islamic world. Ken Woodward, the long-time religion writer of Newsweek, tried to explain to Christians just how offensive Koran-flushing is to Muslims: "Recitation of the Koran is for Muslims much like what receiving the Eucharist is for Catholics -- a very intimate ingestion of the divine itself."

There's a certain irony here. If you wanted to see the Eucharist in the toilet, you needed only to watch the NBC sitcom "Committed" in February, when NBC played for laughs the idea that two main characters thought they accidentally dropped a communion wafer in a bar toilet.

Hollywood makes lame jokes and harsh satires of Christianity all the time, figuratively and literally tossing Jesus, the Bible and church figures into the toilet. Those alleged American interrogators are pikers compared to Tinseltown. They could learn at the feet of the masters of mockery.


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