Friday, July 22, 2005


I first saw The Historian on a big Barnes & Noble display two days ago while picking up some Flannery O'Conner books, and then yesterday it was a featured selection in my Historical Book Club catalog. And now today, Beliefnet has an interview with the first time author Elizabeth Kostova on the subject of her book: Vlad the Impaler. You know him as Dracula.

It sounds like an interesting book, and one that I'd like to read if I had the time. But I am so far behind in the stack of books next to my bed and on my shelves that I promised myself O'Connor's books would be the last purchases I made....for awhile at least.

It would be easy to lump The Historian in with The DaVinci Code, and movies such as "National Treasure." But there's something in this particular book that is drawing me in. Sheesh...I am so week when it comes to good books. I hope I can at least maintain this promise to myself.


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