Thursday, July 21, 2005


While looking for a novena to pray over the next nine days, I stumbled across the following article by Charles Moore on childrens suffering. This subject is near and dear to my heart, and often the source of much grief to me. At the recently held "Called & Gifted" seminar (put on by the Siena Institute) that I attended, I learned that mourning is a form of prayer as well. To truly have compassion so that your heart aches at the injustices and sufferings of others. I've always been this way. I thought it was part of being human. I still think it is.
Why do children suffer? The question has no answer, unless, as Dr. Fred Epstein reminds us in his book If I Get to Five, it is simply to break our hearts: “Once our hearts get broken, they never fully heal. They always ache. But perhaps a broken heart is a more loving instrument. Perhaps only after our hearts have cracked wide open, have finally and totally unclenched, can we truly know love without boundaries.” (emphasis mine)

When children suffer it is this boundless love they need most. Our knowledge doesn’t give them assurance, nor our medical help, but simply our loving presence and attention. [snip] Is a child in your life suffering silently? Are we listening? Do we take enough time?

Ultimately, I have settled on doing a Novena to Our Lady of Sorrows over the next nine days, and invite you to join in if you wish. For the suffering of the world's children, and also for their mothers and fathers. And for my sis-in-law.


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