Friday, July 15, 2005


Looking for a good book? How about a good book every week for the next twenty years? Consider buying the entire Penguin Classics library from Amazon is offering all 1082 books in the collection for a mere $7989, a savings of $5325 from the list price. The books weigh 700 pounds, would tower 828 feet if you stacked them up (top of cover to bottom of cover), and include 500,000 pages. The Top 100 Selling Titles alone would be worth it, but the whole collection would be an amazing thing to behold. And what a GREAT gift to a school library as well. As one reviewer notes:

These books are going for about two years worth of gasoline. If you read a book a day this offer will keep you going for nearly three years. If it is a book a week, then we are looking at 20 years, not taking in account any re-reading. Many people spend this amount of money and time over and over again on their library. One would not think a second time about buying a subscription to a magazine to save on individual issues; these are just books instead of magazines.


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