Friday, July 15, 2005


I seem to notice nothing but the darkness and evil in our world lately, perhaps due to my own propensity to sin of late. But three things, three small things, have gently nudged me back towards the light a bit today.

I picked up the DVD of "Life Is Beautiful" at Gloria Deo today, along with "A Man For All Seasons" (recommended to me by a priest who is a close friend). I've always wanted to see Life Is Beautiful, but have never had the time it seemed. Reading reviews of it make me look forward to even more gentle nudgings, along the lines of another movie that does that quite often: "It's A Wonderful Life" (the second of the three things).

The third is Angel In The Waters, a book by Regina Doman that you can either order from the Sophia Institute Press, or read online. It is a sweet book and one that I heartily recommend. Sometimes it is the things most simple that have the biggest impact on us. This book impacted me today.


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