Monday, August 08, 2005


My apologies for being gone so long, but we've been busy beavers here in my household. Instead of having a "take it easy" type weekend (when does THAT ever happen), we spent it outside in the sun working in the yard. The most strenuous project was digging a 2 foot deep hole next to my driveway and then filling it with 330 lbs. of cement along with the base pole for our new driveway basketball hoop. That will cure for the week and I'll put the rest of it together next weekend after we return from celebrating my niece's first birthday.

There have been many things I've wanted to blog about, yet at the same time nothing is really inspiring or capturing my imagination at the moment. I'm in a dry spell to be sure, but hopefully all I need is a break and I can come back with gusto a little later. Until then, peace be with all of you.


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