Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Time is short tonight, but there are a few items regarding Katrina and it's aftermath that I wanted to be sure and get posted here for you.

Hootsbuddy has an insightful post on the blame game being waged by those on both sides of the fence, and calls for a halt to it all.

Meanwhile, this CNN poll shows that the public isn't blaming the whipping boy of the left, President Bush. Did he respond too slow? Yes. Did he purposely kill people by causing the hurricane and then not responding with superhuman powers? Ummm....get real.

For those still wanting to place blame somewhere (ANYWHERE) Lone Prairie writes that there isn't always a reason for why these things happen. Along the way she also points out the extreme lengths people with an agenda will go to in order to score political points:

It is because America is so uncivilized that the civilians have formed numerous websites to offer their homes to refugees. It is because America is so uncivilized that a record amount of money - surpassing even the tsunami donations - was raised in just under a week. It is because America is so uncivilized and lawless that the rest of this massively huge country continues to function and go about their business with heavy hearts and open wallets. Talk about your neanderthal societies. Are the looters, the catastrophe, and disaster in one city a mirror for all Americans, then?

No. Perhaps a slight revelation into true fallen human nature, but not something unique to Americans. Unfortunately, these events have become an excuse for tall poppy syndrome from anyone who needs an excuse to hate America, hate an opposing political party, or are in need of ammunition for the next election, golf junket or their own 15 minutes of personal gain. Unbiased concepts are eschewed in favor of cherry picking facts to support the blame game. After all, the blame game is needed to fill the columns in the newspapers, fill the blogs, and fill the air time on TV and radio.

Indeed. Already over $500 million has been donated or pledged domestically. Americans are once again opening their homes, their hearts, and their wallets. Thank you. Those of you criticizing us from overseas should take a look in the mirror. And then keep your silliness to yourself. We don't have time for your inane blathering...we've got work to do.

Lost in all the blame are wonderful stories of heroism and the overcoming of odds. Witness this account from yesterday where seven children, the oldest of whom was SIX(!), made their way to safety and were eventually reunited with their families. Bring a's ok. And continue praying for those not yet found or reunited.


At 2:22 PM, Blogger Hoots said...

Hello, Jeff,
I'm a month late thanking you for linking my post (September 6?) but thanks for the notice. I suppose you picked it up from somewhere else. I don't remember, but I think Anchoress linked at the time.

It's now a month later and the situation is very different from what we all imagined at the time. Some parts are not as bad, others worse. Today's NY Times Magazine has a great piece by Michael Lewis, a contributing editor reared in New Orleans writing first-hand on what he saw when he returned. Wonderful piece of writing.

I may or may not add your blog to my already overburdened aggregator, but it looks interesting. I'm intrigued by your disappearance for an exact year. At first I thought it was the result of tinkering with the date settings on the Blogger dashboard, but no, the content was what the date said.

Time permitting, you should write more. Good insights and observations.



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