Monday, August 14, 2006

Pink (and blue)

While we won't have it confirmed until the ultrasound in 6 weeks, we both think that the new babe will be a girl. This is purely based upon the high heartbeat (especially compared to our other two sons at 12 weeks) and the parental reading of tea leaves, constellations, coffee stain shapes on napkins ("Wait, is that Elvis? No, it's gonna be a girl."), planet alignment, etc., etc. But if it is in fact a girl I will officially turn to mush. It was bad enough hearing Harry Chapin's "The Cat's In The Cradle" today on the radio (that song never fails to smack me hard upside the head), but to have it followed immediately by Bob Carlisle's "Butterfly Kisses" was devastating. Not a cloud in the sky but I needed windshield wipers nonetheless.

I'm doomed.
A girl on Valentine's Day 2007.

I cannot wait.


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