Monday, March 29, 2004

John Kerry: 0 for 2?

How assuming of him. As if he'll be elected president in the first place. Of course, this also assumes that he is recognizable as a Catholic, given the fact that he does not adhere to a lot of the Church's teachings.

Perhaps the headline is correct. He will be neither of them.

United States Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has advised church officials against telling American politicians what to do in context to their public life, Time magazine reports in New York.

"People in Rome are becoming more and more aware that there's a problem of John Kerry and a political scandal with his apparent profession of his Catholic faith and some of stances, particular abortion," Kerry said, while responding to a statement of a Vatican official to the Time magazine.

"I don't think it complicates things at all," he said, "We have separation of church and state in this country. As John Kennedy said very clearly 'I will be a president who happens to be Catholic, not a Catholic president'."


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