Monday, March 29, 2004


Mike Adams got called into his superior's office because some co-workers were "uncomfortable" about Mike's national columns. In response, he creates his own list of things that make HIM feel uncomfortable. I like the idea. Since the administration has established the precident that states if you are uncomfortable by the actions of a co-worker, why not fight back and make the same complaints? Ummmmmm....oh yeah, because my complaints might not be as PC as your complainsts. Your level of "uncomfyness" is much higher than my own.

Plus, this is all COMPLETELY silly, don't you think?

*Then there are all the times that the name Jesus Christ has been used as a form of profanity in the office. That makes me feel uncomfortable. By the way, I am especially offended by the phrase “Jesus F***ing Christ!” I mean, no one ever says “Mo-F***ing-Hammed!” or “F***ing Buddha!,” do they?

*Then there was the time that a gay activist in our department suggested that I switch to bi-sexuality in order to double my chances of finding a suitable “partner.” That made me feel uncomfortable and she knew it. After I started to blush, she asked, “What’s the matter, are you a little homophobic?” So what if I don’t think you can change your sexual orientation as easily as your underwear? Is that so wrong? Do I really have a phobia?

*And how about the time that a faculty member called another faculty member a “mother f***er” in one of our meetings? That was before he said that he should have climbed over the desk and “slapped the s*** out of him.” These sociologists need to start getting along with one another if they plan to build a Utopian society. Plus, it makes me feel really uncomfortable to hear about these threats of violence in the workplace.


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