Friday, May 20, 2005


Ok. Let's make the leap from The Dominion to Star Wars, shall we? PunditGuy has an interesting theory on the Hidden Message of Star Wars: Episode III.

The Anchoress chimes in beautifully here.

Chris Weinkopf first approached this debate in 2002:
Now Glazov would probably read all this as proof that celibacy makes Vaders out of men, and that's what the Jedi Council gets for its prudish disciplines. Another interpretation, though, is that it was not the rules that brought about Skywalker's downfall, but his straying from them. The Jedi Council effectively defended the galaxy for centuries until some impish mop-top from Tatooine decided he wanted a girlfriend. Discarding the wisdom of the ages in favor of the momentary impulse is dangerous business.

Interesting thoughts, all of them. I wonder why it is that we are always taking things within pop culture and attempting mold them into this or that view of the world that best suits or own. Or we do the opposite, and see the "conspiracy" behind things. While I am a conservative on most things, and a supporter of President Bush, I am embarrassed by the constant harping the past few nights on the news by those who see an "anti-Bush" message in Star Wars.

As far as I'm concerned, the only place we should be looking for messages is in Scripture, or meditation and prayer. In short, those that come from the Holy Spirit, not from George Lucas.


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