Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Into Great Silence

I first wrote about this movie in an blog post around a year ago, and now it's finally coming to the US from Europe. I hope to see it if I can. It was released on DVD back in November and is available on Amazon.com under its German name of "die gro├če Stille". However, the German version is in "PAL" format; which is not compatible with average U.S. DVD players. There are DVD players available that are capable of playing both formats. The closest theater I could find was the Trivoli at Manor Square in Kansas City, where it opens on March 23rd. Nuts.

Silence. It's something that in this day and age, and especially during Lent, that I appreciate above many things. One of my favorite multi-volume works, The Liturgical Year, was written by Dom Prosper Gueranger in the 19th century from The Abbey of Solesmes in France, a place I would dearly love to visit. My friends would go to Paris...I'd head to Solesmes. And if I never make it to France, I can go a few hours south to Oklahoma and visit the Clear Creek Monastery. I'm on their mailing list already and have contributed towards the building foundation and as they are founded upon the traditions of Solesmes a place I'd dearly love to stay for a few days or longer. They are even sponsoring a pilgrimage to France later this year and will also stop by Liseaux.

While on the subject of silence, I'd be remiss if I did not also point out a book that was released recently by Teresa Tomeo. Noise: How Our Media-saturated Culture Dominates Lives and Dismantles Families is a book well worth reading if you've noticed that you can't seem to concentrate due to all the media distractions around. Think about it: a tv in almost every room may be on; a radio in the shower, bedroom, car or kitchen is on; an iPod or some other device has you plugged in listening to tunes or an audio book, etc., etc. It seems to never end. And during Lent I do all I can to phase it out, including staying offline much more. It's working, but definitely is a challenge. But a challenge worth fighting for.


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