Monday, March 29, 2004


For Colbert, 48, speaking out was a matter of conscience. The Cambridge freelance writer, reached at home by phone yesterday, said he went to Canton after a friend told him about the video.

"It was the most contemptuous, vile, slanderous piece of political propaganda that I have ever seen in a Roman Catholic church," he said. "What they said was so scandalous, I felt out of the gospel values I hold dear, I had to bear witness to the truth of my own life."

Goodness! What's going on? What is this awful, vile piece of filth that was shown at St. John the Evangelist? Nothing sacreligious, that's for sure. Unless, of course, you have a political agenda.

While I'm not an advocate of showing videos of any kind during or just after Mass, I do understand their being used. We have done the same at my parish, usually a short message from our bishop, or from various committees bringing our large parish up to date on inter-parish projects.

But I have to ask the "offended" gentleman from this article a few questions:

1. How can you be a devout Catholic? Being a devout Catholic means abiding by the WHOLE of our faith. It does not mean being a 'cafeteria Catholic' and just picking and choosing which tenets to abide by.

2. You mention the 'gospel values you hold dear'. What, Mr. Colbert, might those values be specifically?

This man hears of the video, drives out of his way to attend a parish of which he is not a member, and then raises a stink over it? agenda there. Looks like he's getting his 15 minutes of fame.


Oh, to be young and gay in Boston in the spring!
Or is that Catholic and gay in
How about, gay in Boston and oppressed by
Gay in Boston and offended by a millenia's worth of how marriage is defined when it doesn't fit your agenda and feelings?


Same-sex supporters knock Catholic stance


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