Friday, March 16, 2007

In just one month

Hard to believe she's already a month old. Baptism invitations went out this week. Time sure flies when you're snuggling with a warm (and pink) baby girl.
In that month friends who had been struggling with infertility and then adoption were suddenly called to pick up their brand new one-month old son. They are ecstatic and it's a thrill to behold.
Another friend who had been trying for years finally delivered their first (by emergency C-section) at 32 weeks. The little guy was 2lbs 15oz, but is growing and will soon be home with his parents.
And today we learned that an ex-coworker who had experienced 5-6 miscarriages, some as late as 6 months, finally gave birth last week to a healthy baby girl. so good.


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