Saturday, February 09, 2008

An Anniversary...and Serendipity

I've not blogged in quite some and indeed am working on an idea for a new site/blog for my freelancing/writing purposes. I'll likely leave this site and it's sister site A Ragamuffin's Journey up while I cull from each the pieces I wish to preserve. But ultimately they are going to disappear into cyberspace forever. I highly doubt anyone has visited them in ages anyhow.

My goal during Lent is simple. Devote at least one hour per day to my writing. I've found that this is the one area that I've failed the most. Committing to practicing the craft and struggling each day to put something down on paper or the harddrive. It's already paid dividends however as I finally finished my long overdue writing assignment and mailed it to my instructor last week. My queries to various literary journals have also begun to produce a mailbox full of sample magazine issues as I research where I wish to begin submitting stories. And so it goes.

Last night in an effort to unwind from yet another day of intense drudgery (how's that for a paradox?) and after the Lenten Fish Fry at our parish I finally sat down to watch Cinderella Man. I'll spare you a review other than to say I highly recommend this movie. I loved it and will be watching it again. And then on my way to bed I flipped around the channels and was able to catch the opening credits to Serendipity. This is among my favorites. I love the thought behind the movie. I love everything about it. It was also the movie I watched from 2-4am on what was Fenway's final night on earth. I lay on the floor that night, 3/31/06, and watched while he lay next to me and labored to breath, his head resting on my hand. I miss my dog still.

Stay tuned. I'll post a link here for the new site when it's ready.


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